Represented in over 150 countries

Collecting the tuition fees or student loans due to you from students or former students regardless of where they are is our business.Through our network of dedicated collection attorneys and trained law abiding collectors we approach them in their country of residence and collect. Amicably and fast.


Success based fee structure

We charge no upfront fees or costs. All collection procedures commence amicably and only  if successful we deduct our agreed  fee which is a % of the actual amount recovered. No “small print” or “twisted words”. Court proceedings will be initiated only after receiving your prior authorization.


Respectful yet assertive collection

Our extensive experience in representing schools and academic institutions over the past 30 years allows us to know how important your name, reputation and public standing is. We shall never and under no circumstances compromise on that. Our collection procedures will therefore be handled with dignity while achieving results.



We know the feeling of disappointment and frustration when a foreign student has left without paying, and is out of reach of your collection efforts and your legal system. This is why we are here to help.

Collectoschool was specifically established to address this problem: collection of payments from overseas pupils and students that are otherwise written up as a loss. Operating in over 150 countries, we contact the debtor directly in his home country and begin amicable proceedings that comply with all local laws and customs. There is no intention of letting you “pour good money down the drain”.

Should our pre-suit efforts prove unsuccessful, we will inform you of the best course to take based on our representative’s recommendations and knowledge of the debtor’s financial circumstances. Should you decide to close the claim, this will be done without any charge.